The Asia-Pacific Institute of Management Accounting (APMAA) held in XMU    HOT   
The Asia-Pacific Institute of Management Accounting (APMAA) held in XMU
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In the morning of November 15, 2012, the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management Accounting (APMAA), XMU Accounting Development Research Center, Financial Management and Accounting Research Institute and the Institute of Management Accounting Department  jointly sponsored the "2012 International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Management Accounting - Management Accounting : management control system optimization (APMAA 2012 Annual Conference Management Accounting: The Optimization of Management Control) "in Xiamen disciplinary Arts Center grand opening. The meeting received a total of more than 100 papers submitted by scholars at home and abroad, after the meeting of the Preparatory Committee review, a total of 73 papers selected, including 30 papers from overseas scholars. The meeting was attended by a total of 106 scholars from 15 countries and regions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, Nigeria, Sweden, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, China Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and China mainland .

Dr. Fu Yuan, deputy director of the Development Research Center of Xiamen University accounting professor hosted the opening ceremony of the General Assembl. On behalf of XMUParty Committee, deputy secretary of Xiamen University, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Li Jianfa congratulations on the smooth convocation of the meeting. Professor Shen Yi-feng, Dean of SMXMU, Financial Management and Accounting Research Institute, the Accounting Development Research Center Director, Professor Qu Xiaohui welcoming remarks to the delegates. President of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management Accounting, Konan University in Japan on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management Accounting Professor Susumu Ueno thank Xiamen University successfully hosted the meeting, and smooth convening of the meeting congratulated.

This meeting invited domestic and seven renowned scholars keynote address to the Assembly. London School of Economics Professor Michael Bromwich theme of the report for the General Assembly to do the "Management Accounting: Retrospect and Prospect", from 1919 to the present course of development and management accounting research status and challenges of cost and management accounting, as well as the current financial crisis, the global accelerated, Management Accounting Research and the possible changes in the environment of the rapid development of information technology, led the delegates through the long history of the development of management accounting. Rice University Professor Thomas Hemmer for the General Assembly to do the theme of the report "relative performance evaluation and optimization, reviews his past linear performance assessment model, that the previous model is not always effective in the new environment, such as: not valid explain the position of "risk", proposed to build a new optimization model and explore future research opportunities. Cardiff University Professor Jason Zezhong Xiao, "Management Accounting and Information Technology complementary theme of the report, and to explore the impact of information and communication technology and management accounting control systems on firm performance. The theme of the report of the Hong Kong Baptist University Professor Lin Zhijun do "An Empirical Study of the Balanced Scorecard application performance - public hospitals, that the balanced scorecard can be used in both profit organizations and non-profit organizations, but in its application should have the improvements. Xiamen University, Fu Yuan slightly professor doing "management control mechanisms for the design and optimization studies" theme report, the proposed change of management control mechanisms, explore management control mechanisms of the design of the main theoretical and building including the strategic plan and the implementation of management control mechanisms of the innovation model enterprises to improve management control design has greater value and theoretical significance. Jinan University Professor Hu Yuming do management accounting research - past, present and future "theme of the report describes the development of management accounting in China's achievements in the past and now expect to be able to in the future management accounting research to the West" learn " imitative research, tracking research to "original research" leveraging "to own" made force from the study to the West ". Xiamen Port Development Co., Ltd., general manager of Mr. Cai Liqun do "management control system design and practice - Xiamen Port Group Case Study" theme of the report, introduction the Xiamen port management control system design ideas and implement effect for delegates to provide practitioners in the management of practical experience of accounting applications. The same meeting also invited Professor Qu Xiaohui, Xiamen University, a professor at National Taiwan University, Cai Yang Zong (Yang Tzong Tsay) Professor Susumu Ueno, Japan Konan University, Canada Brook University Professor Paul Scarbrough, Malaysia Mara University of Technology Normah Omar professor, respectively presided theme of the report, the participants representatives live discussion on the theme of the report content, fully reflects the close cooperation and comprehensive exchange of scholars at home and abroad, the grand and warm atmosphere at the scene of the General Assembly.

The conference is divided into four thematic of 48 papers grouped report, respectively, on the subject of management control systems, performance measurement and management. This meeting is the eighth international conference of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management Accounting, meeting comprehensive exchange of management control and optimization of management accounting research questions, to promote Xiamen University and deep exchange of domestic and overseas experts, scholars, and deepen the accounting discipline to promote Xiamen University The influence of the Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Research, provides indispensable platform for research and application of management accounting.


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